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We are USSQ
We -- because this is a membership organization. You must be proposed for membership by a sponsoring member in good standing.

Current Officers and Committee Chairs
Deb Hrycko, President; Joe Nardo, Vice President; John Conrad, Treasurer. Vacant, Secretary.

Working Committees are chaired by: Cindy Brunner, Bar Management; Vacant, Kitchen & Rentals; Maintenance, Ernie Friend, Tami Lessig is our Membership Secretary.

Dues & Keys Info
Dues are currently assessed each regular member at 20 dollars per year. An application fee of 5 dollars must accompany an individual's proposed membership form, which must be signed by the sponsoring member.

Each current (paid) member receives a membership card, which s/he should have available for inspection whenever visiting the Club. Keys to the Membership Room entrance are also issued annually, and may be exchanged at a "Key Day" special event conducted by USSQ for that purpose.

Club Rules & Reminders

· All guests must be signed in at the bar
· Only members are permitted to purchase alcoholic beverages
· Members must have current membership ID upon entering club (LCB rules)
· All children (under 18) need to be out of the club by 11:00 pm
· House rules are expected to be upheld at all times
· Club bartender on duty has the right to refuse alcoholic beverages to anyone who appears intoxicated and/or exhibits inappropriate behavior
· Guests must apply for membership after 3rd visit to the club.

Constitution & Bylaws

You can view a copy of our Bylaws by clicking here.








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